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Books about Humanity and its Quirky Traits

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Renée Paule

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The human experience is different for each of us and although there’s a commonality to this existence the way we approach it can make it a pleasure or a pain. The whys and wherefores that we all ask in the wee hours when we can’t sleep or during and in the aftermath of some personal crisis can leave us tormented. Those times when we stand thinking the whole world is mad; when what is so simple is so complicated; when every step we take seems to be like walking through treacle and we want to scream STOP! There must be a better way.

If you’ve reached this place in your life then I invite you to read my books (self-help, philosophy, psychology, metaphysical and many other genres). Books that deeply examine the society we created and the idiosyncrasies of our minds. We can be in control of our own lives; first individually and then globally; it begins within. In my books I’ve explored my mind and it follows that as I’m no-one extraordinary, then my experiences aren’t very different to yours. Don’t we ultimately all want the same thing?

I don’t say ‘there, there’ or give pats on the back; these don’t help anyone. What I do is ask questions; particularly in On The Other Hand. Questions we tend to gloss over, roll our eyes away from, forget, ignore or stonily stare the questioner into silence. My books are full of the questions Humanity has buried beneath its pains and sorrows. I can’t supply answers – but I can show you how the questions are far more important. What you do with them is entirely up to you.

Philosophy, psychology, metaphysical, new age, self-help and ‘common sense’

Renée Paule

In Progress

I’m currently writing another book and all information about it will appear here when I am nearer to publishing.

A Three Course Meal for the Mind
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Coming at the end of July - Three books in one

A Three Course Meal for the Mind

Three off my books combined for less than the price of two of them.

'A Three Course Meal for the Mind'
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