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10 Brilliant Short Inspirational Videos to Motivate

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I wish to share with you 10 short videos that have inspired me over the years. Walking along a path of self-discovery and self-reflection can be a lonely and frustrating journey. However, just when we need it most – when the going gets tough, as they say – inspiration arrives in its many forms – … Keep reading

Update: Reflecting, Writing, Publishing. Illustrating. Marketing

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The bud has bloomed and the hat is on the rack – back to ‘The Doubt Factor’ It’s been a while since I immersed myself in writing my adult books. I suppose one of the  reasons is procrastination, which took the form of writing and illustrating two children’s books with my friend G R Hewitt. … Keep reading

Current & Future Giveaways

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Sadly, Goodreads have seen fit to make it near on impossible for me and many other authors to offer giveaways on their website any more. They now charge anything from $200 to $600 to put a giveaway up, which is ridiculous. Authors alone are responsible for postage and supplying their books to winners. To add … Keep reading

The Snow Comes and Goes – and Comes Again

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When we first moved to Ireland – 3 winters ago – we were told that the weather is never too hot, and never too cold; we were also informed that it rarely snows. Each year it has snowed and though the temperatures haven’t dropped to unbearable ones, it’s still pretty cold and frequently below zero. … Keep reading

Welcome to my New Website and Blog

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Welcome to my new website and blog – my old one was so out-of-date. It’s taken me a while to put together and I’m pleased with the results, though it still needs a little tweaking. I’m an author and illustrator of inspirational and motivational books for adults and children. Many years ago I wrote my … Keep reading