Renée Paule

"Bertie is a gardener ..."

Hat - Picture Book

Bertie the gardener loves his tatty, old, brown, floppy hat – his dog, Oscar, has one too. Bertie is content with his life and the hat that he wears everywhere, including in the bath.

Bertie is happy with his life, so is Oscar – his dog. However, this happiness turns to discontent when Bertie sees George looking ‘important’ in his new bowler hat. Bertie wants one just like it, so that he can look important too. Consequently, he hangs up his comfy old hat and that’s when his adventure begins.

This is the second children’s picture book written by Renée Paule and G R Hewitt.

Awaiting Publication

This book has been completed and sent out to publishers. Hopefully one of them will love it soon.