Renée Paule

"An open-mind can have no fence around it."

On The Other Hand:
The Little Anthology of Big Questions

On the Other Hand looks at how the ‘mind’ works and questions what ‘reality’ actually is. This is not a scientific book but rather it has evolved from looking into my own mind in order that I might understand it more; mindfulness. What are the two voices we all constantly hear? One that says “Leave the chocolate cake” and the other “Go on, eat it”? My first chapter is called Something’s not Quite Right with the World and something really isn’t. There’s a marvellous and ingenious secret waiting to be discovered by anyone who cares to search for it. It can be hinted at but it can’t be told – it must be ‘realised’. Each of us must find it out for ourselves and that’s not easy to do. The key question is ‘Who am I?’ and there are many other interesting ones that crop up when we keep asking it. This project is very exciting for me and it can be for you too. It’s important to be prepared to self-criticise and recognise that our lives have been created by us, before we can begin to make changes to them.

Please note that On The Other Hand is not an illustrated book.

“The craziest things begin to happen when we start to question our world. I remember once I decided to move (alone) to France. I experienced considerable opposition from friends who said, “You can’t just go around doing whatever you want” and I’d reply “Just watch me”.”
“Every day we come into contact with other people in one way or another. Usually, we don’t give them a second glance. When we do it’s often in passing judgement relating to their social status, physical appearance, dress code or some other critical observation. Sometimes these observations are kind; sometimes not. Why do human beings have difficulty interacting with each other; particularly with strangers?”
“You’re reading this now because it matters to you; something is driving you to find the questions. Perhaps it matters to you because you want to find your own truth, to prevent yourself from finding it, or perhaps you’re seeking to destroy someone else’s truth. You may also be denying you’re looking for it at all.”