Renée Paule

"She was colourful! She was beautiful!
She was so Special!"

The Frightened Little Flower Bud - A Childrens Picture Book

A children’s picture book written and illustrated by Renée Paule and G R Hewitt. The story is about a little flower bud who is so afraid of all the things she hears on the wind that she hides behind her leaves and petals imagining all sorts of scary things that might happen to her. Because of her fears, she doesn’t want to bloom – thereby preventing herself from reaching her full potential as a beautiful flower. However, eventually she blooms and realises that all of her fears were unfounded.


The messages in this picture book are simple; don’t believe everything you hear and don’t allow fear to control your life. With these messages in mind the illustrations show the life cycle of a Goat’s-beard plant/salsify (Tragopogon – for the botanically minded) so there are some lovely nature lessons in it too.

Designed as a ‘read-to’ book for age 4+ and ‘read-alone’ for age 8+ this tale helps children to understand that though some things may sound scary, all too often these fears have no substance. It also helps children to understand how scary thoughts accumulate in our minds.

By using the ‘Tell Me’ questions at the back of the book and supplemental questions of their own, parents will be able to discuss aspects of the book with their children. Depending on the child, themes that may be picked up are nature, fear, self-esteem, gossip, thought and death (from the life cycle of the plant) – there are many more.

The ‘Did You See’ page is a fun way for children to become aware of their own observational skills; there are fourteen objects to discover and the ability level is ‘easy’.

All the illustrations in this forty page children’s picture book were inspired by the beautiful landscapes of Co. Leitrim in Ireland. The plant is modelled on the Tragopogon Pratensis – Irish name ‘Finidí na muc.