Renée Paule

"As we climb a mountain, the valley becomes clearer and clearer."

Stepping Out of Time

Stepping Out of Time enquires further into the subject of human conditioning – and beyond – Renée Paule takes us past another milestone on her continuing journey of self-reflection, wherein she looks at and discusses the society created and sustained by us. As with Renée’s previous books, her unique perspective gives no answers on a plate and is easy to read. Like her other books, this book is self-help in its purist form that sympathetically encourages you to think independently, by stepping out of time with what we think is normal. Have you ever wondered ‘What am I doing here?’ or ‘Who am I?’, if so this book may help you to realise that you’re not alone with these thoughts or in getting frustrated by the maze of conflicting information arising from such. Every chapter will resonate as it reaches into where we try to hide and ultimately, you may discover that it isn’t answers you are looking for, but yourself.

G R Hewitt (Editor)

Dilly’s many traits are only available in paperback versions of this book.

“I was born into chaos and not much later went into a shell to protect myself from a strange and confusing situation, from which I could find no way out. As a young child, I can’t remember at what age but I’d guess it was pre-school, I found my environment to be extremely hostile. It was an environment in which I’d no rights, choices, or a voice of my own; a place where I needed to ‘come of age’ before I’d have some sort of control over my life - control within the confines of choices that had already been made for me, by society - a very sick society that above all else, taught me how to be afraid of it and to hate myself.”
“Reflecting on ‘memory’ and ‘thought’ is something that’s occupied me for many years. At first, I was confounded as I became aware of my own thoughts and began to think about the thinking process. It seemed as though there was a disconnection from myself whenever I thought on the questions; who’s doing the thinking, what is thinking, what is a thought and how is it that I’m able to think about thinking? The deeper I delved into these questions the more confused I became - not because it was complicated but because I’d never thought about it before.”
"Whatever age you are, whatever your character, skin colour, no matter what the condition of your health and regardless of whether you smoke, drink alcohol, eat junk food or not; regardless of whether you have tattoos, qualifications or have lost one or even all of your limbs; here you are reading this sentence; you’ve made it through all your problems and every one of those moments you believed you couldn’t go on any longer - those moments when you wanted the ground beneath your feet to split open and swallow you up, burying you forever as your world came to a heart-breaking end."