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Humanity and its Quirky Traits

Renée Paule

A Three Course Meal for the Mind

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On The Other Hand

Just Around The Bend

Louder Than a Whisper

Stepping Out of Time


The Frightened Little Flower bud (mobile)

A Three Course Meal for the Mind combines On the Other Hand, Just Around the Bend and Louder Than a Whisper. I've put these three books together as one handy volume for those who wish to read all three. This has the advantage of being able to cross reference easily and of course it’s far cheaper to produce, the cost to you being less than two separate books. Each book is still available to buy singly.

A Three Course Meal for the Mind will not be made available in ebook format; the original ebooks are available to buy at the usual outlets.

Meet Dilly. He's a thought form that thinks

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