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The Snow Comes and Goes – and Comes Again

When we first moved to Ireland – 3 winters ago – we were told that the weather is never too hot, and never too cold; we were also informed that it rarely snows. Each year it has snowed and though the temperatures haven’t dropped to unbearable ones, it’s still pretty cold and frequently below zero. Below are images from a couple of days ago. The snow fell and settled quietly overnight and was such a pretty sight to wake up to. We live on top of a hill and although going down it in our car was a possibility, getting up it again was out of the question. Luckily, we always keep a fully stocked freezer.

The following morning when we woke up the snow had completely disappeared. There wasn’t a trace of it left as the temperature had risen and it rained all night. Irish weather is a bit like that – it can be sunny with clear skies one moment, and dark, dreary and raining the next.

Today we awoke to a full covering of snow again – such crazy weather.

6 thoughts on “The Snow Comes and Goes – and Comes Again

  1. Nice pics. We had some 60 degree days in January but February has been snowy and frigid. 4 below zero this morning. Yikes!

  2. Such beautiful pics! We’ve had such a cold winter way into the negatives, however, it’s been a true winter and I can’t complain. Love the snow, but ready for Spring. Thanks for sharing! 💖

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