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Welcome to My Website

Welcome to my author website where you will find inspirational books about Humanity and it’s quirky traits. I have to date authored seven books (six of them illustrated).

The human experience is different for each of us and although there’s a commonality to this existence the way we approach it can make it a pleasure or a pain. The ‘why’s and ‘wherefore’s that we all ask in the wee hours when we can’t sleep or during and in the aftermath of some personal crisis can leave us tormented. Those times when we stand thinking the whole world is mad; when what could be so simple is so complicated; when every step we take seems to be like walking through treacle and we want to scream ‘STOP!’ There must be a better way.

If you’ve reached this place in your life then I invite you to read my books. These books deeply examine the society we created and the idiosyncrasies of our minds. We can be in control of our own lives; first individually and then globally – it begins within. In my books I’ve explored my mind and it follows that as I’m no-one extraordinary, then my experiences aren’t very different to yours. I also write and illustrate children’s books together with author and illustrator G R Hewitt – to date we have produced two; The Frightened Little Flower Bud and Hat.

Never give up!

Editing Services

Have you finished writing your book and are wondering what to do with it next? RPG Publishing can help you. We provide editing and formatting services for independent authors who are in need of a little help to turn their manuscript into their ‘dream book’.

Guest Blogs – Self Reflection

Now that I’ve finished my latest book I find myself at a bit of a loss as to what to do next; I don’t feel the inspiration to write another book or to draw any more illustrations at the moment; a break from them is necessary for me to reflect

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Guilty as Charged – by G R Hewitt

I put my foot in it when I volunteered to write ‘something self-reflective’ for this guest post – a broad subject matter if ever there was one – and, if I may say so, potentially a self-indulgent one – or at least it could be if one were to focus

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Lonely woman looking out of a window

The Abyss of Loneliness

Loneliness is often one of life’s unseen and unheard woes. It doesn’t show like a broken leg or arm, but carries with it a stigma that no-one wants attached to them; however, we all suffer from loneliness at times – to a greater or lesser degree. I set out my

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